Quality, Research, Development and Innovation in MAVINSA


MAVINSA work at all times in the innovation of our products due to the changing needs of the market, through the design and development of R + D + i to generate added value to the product through achieving new technical performance, new formulations, ergonomics and new designs, thereby achieving a high performance product.

We create products of "high tech" for groups in which the product is valued above all.

What is the R & D + i in MAVINSA?

Based on the identified need in the market or the customer, we characterize and determine the relevant parameters to optimize and improve, we made the diagnosis of specific product capabilities and current measuring aspects, we were inspired by advanced formulations and applications that are leading in other sectors and from there, we develop theoretical formulations, perform laboratory testing, production testing ground and behind the respective optimizations and relevant quality control, we tested the new product trusted customers who evaluate and assess their properties and features.

Our "know how" is patented and used in the marketing of new products that meet the needs of our customers.

Will you join this great family that is MAVINSA?