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MAVINSA products have a number of qualities that define and differentiate: comfort, flexibility, light weight, durability, antideslizamientos sole and demonstrated resistance to fats, oils, chemicals and hydrocarbons, both as sole reed.



  • Food industry

    Our products have a number of qualities that define and differentiate: comfort, flexibility, lightness and durability. We offer the best we have and we are constantly meeting needs in the daily surgen.En you food for hundreds of companies trust us to care for the home empleados.En are used in tasks cleaning situations where insulation is required to water.

  • Construction and Industry

    Work and safety boots are very comfortable and light, with our usual quality and fast service. Specific features for each use: resistance to acids and hydrocarbons, high flexibility and long life.

  • Agriculture, fishing & free time

    Articles comfortable and lightweight general purpose (fishing, agriculture, recreation). As always with a fast and efficient service. We adjust for each order, as and when due, to the commitment to our customers.

  • Polyurethane

    The polyurethane foam is a material that consists of millions of tiny air bubbles, which makes it an excellent insulating material while lightweight, strong and durable. It is resistant to organic and industrial lubricants, hydrocarbons, moderate chemicals, fats and oils. PU boots provide warmth in winter and prevent heavy sweating in summer. Then there is the flexibility it provides comfort even at temperatures of -30, -40 ° C. This significantly facilitates cleaning being necessary only soap and water.

  • Waders

    In MAVINSA, we give you the opportunity to make your own waders depending on your needs. You can choose between different tissues and models of boots.

  • Complements & reflecting trims

    We offer various accessories accommodate the full range of products to meet your needs thermal comfort and hygienic. Additionally it is possible to prevent accidents incorporating high visibility reflective.

  • Characteristics

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