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  • Oil resistance

    We include all products that have oil resistance. Overall we consider that in many cases the resistance is given by the sole of the boot, in other sole and cane products.

  • UNE-EN ISO 20345

    Boots that meet the UNE-EN ISO 20345. Are personal protective boots and safety footwear.

  • UNE-EN ISO 20347

    Boots that meet the UNE-EN ISO 20347. Are personal protective boots and safety footwear.

  • Steel toe cap

    Boots that incorporate steel toe with an impact resistance of 200 J. Giving proper compliance with the UNE-EN ISO 20345

  • Stainless steel mid sole

    Boots template incorporating a stainless steel antiperforation. Generally such shoes complies with UNE-EN ISO 20347.

  • Resistance to hydrocarbons

    Boots that are resistant to many hydrocarbons. Normally only the sole is incorporated into this type of resistance.

  • Anti-slip sole

    The design MAVINSA boots feature a non-slip sole that prevents falls and blows.

  • Resistance to chemicals

    Boots that incorporate a resistance to chemicals in general. Complies with ISO 6110.

  • Energy absorption in the heel

    For its great design and very careful with materials the boot has energy absorption in the heel of 20 J. Avoid jumping injuries and reduces fatigue on long journeys.

  • Protection against cold

    Boots specially designed so that the cold is not an impediment to work or take time snowshoeing.

  • Antistatic

    Boots that its composition incorporate features that make them suitable at risk of electrostatic charges.

  • Marked EC.

    Our boots and accessories meet European standards. They have the CE mark.

  • puntera no metalica
  • plantilla no metalica
  • UNE EN ISO 13832-3:2006